The BEST cast iron cookware, now available in North America!

Skeppshult. Making the highest quality cast iron cookwear since 1906.

Why cast iron?

  • Naturally non-stick after conditioning
  • Actually improves the more you use it
  • Not coated with enamel so your cast iron cookware adds healthy elemental iron to your meal and body
  • Easy to clean with a nylon brush and water. No dish soap needed.
  • Lasts literally a lifetime
  • Seriously beautiful cookware, for the serious cook

Why Skeppshult?

  • Thicker than most other cast iron pans, which means a more even heat distribution
  • A finer finish, which means conditioning and maintaining a non stick surface is much easier
  • Pre-conditioned, which means after a quick rinse with water, they're ready to be used
  • Heat isolating handles on all pans, which means there's no need for oven mits when handling these, even right off the stove
  • 100% of the electricity consumed in the plant (machinery, compressors, offices, etc.) comes from a wind turbine system, therefore 100% clean.
  • Guaranteed to be 100% lead free.
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